Preying On The Birds (Deadpool)

Group: tracy scops
Artist: llamaboy
Parody: deadpool, batman
Preying On The Birds (Deadpool)

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (3)
  1. a smug hat kid
    a smug hat kid 22 February 2021 17:08 Reply
    Claimed the Aldrich horror is back
  2. Fiiiiilo
    Fiiiiilo 23 February 2021 15:00 Reply
    Good comic
    However, I'm partly confused on the lack of a Gwenpool tag.
  3. pyro tf2
    pyro tf2 23 February 2021 22:59 Reply
    as an avid comic reader (YES NORMAL COMICS) I find this perfect funny good references everything went right
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