Dawn of Dragons

Artist: matemi
I noticed the first part of this was missing so I thought I would post it

Dawn of Dragons

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доп поле скриншотов
Comments (13)
  1. John-117
    John-117 3 May 2021 19:37 Reply
    Idk why, but something about this feels...off. I mean, I like Silver and all but...this hits differently for me, and not in a good way
    1. The Spectacular Sorcerer Supreme
      I agree
    2. whatdidyoujustcallme
      whatdidyoujustcallme 4 May 2021 08:47 Reply
      i personally dont like it because of the lack of consent. but its probably a different cause
  2. Diego-Brando
    Diego-Brando 3 May 2021 20:21 Reply
    Perhaps it’s the fact the setting is too different from the main universe.
  3. Puggleman
    Puggleman 3 May 2021 20:28 Reply
    Oh and here is the first one, I actually like the porn of it a lot, sometimes even more then what main universe has. 
  4. S
    S 3 May 2021 21:53 Reply
    I agree fish taste good
  5. Fiiiiilo
    Fiiiiilo 3 May 2021 23:50 Reply

    Never watched how to train your dragon.

    Is this cannon?
    1. Diego-Brando
      Diego-Brando 4 May 2021 00:08 Reply
      Perhaps... This may have been the side story we never saw
  6. Silver fan
    Silver fan 4 May 2021 05:53 Reply
    Fiiiiilo yes it is cannon did you not know silver was in it
  7. DarkLordBob
    DarkLordBob 4 May 2021 08:31 Reply
    I feel like this could have used an intro page explaining that this is a what-if. The artist seems to be doing several comics as if silver had ended up in a different dimension Rick and Morty style. I like the idea! The main story has started to go a little dry on silver scenes for my taste and gotten a lot more poke on poke action lately.
  8. Corvus666
    Corvus666 4 May 2021 09:02 Reply
    Please do a part 2, where the gijinka girl gets pregnant, lays eggs, and the eggs hatch into mroe gijinka dragon/human hybirds like her
  9. pyro tf2 the angry hentai nerd
    pyro tf2 the angry hentai nerd 5 May 2021 02:38 Reply
    we shall cleanse this land

    claimed in the name of shub nigurath so that he may destroy such things
  10. Person of disinterest
    Person of disinterest 5 May 2021 09:09 Reply
    I don’t think so motherfucker.
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