The Femboy Deku Chronicles

Artist: blackwhiplash
*Sirens* -TheGameyBoi

The Femboy Deku Chronicles

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Comments (16)
  1. Spaghettini
    Spaghettini 10 June 2021 17:44 Reply
    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Ion know about this one chief
  2. FelixMuffins
    FelixMuffins 10 June 2021 18:09 Reply
    More femboy content, thank you
  3. DemonDice
    DemonDice 10 June 2021 20:22 Reply
    Get this out of my Google history
  4. White Pee Dispenser
    White Pee Dispenser 10 June 2021 21:31 Reply
    i hate you author and artist i hate you
  5. Gooshooter
    Gooshooter 10 June 2021 22:33 Reply

    Bakugo cucks Deku = Everyone riots
    Uraraka cucks Deku = Everyone riots
    Deku cucks Uraraka = most don't care
    Deku cucks Uraraka and Bakugo = confusion ?
    Bakugo cucks Uraraka = confused screaming

    Thus, My Hero Academia fandom is still on their shipping bullshit.​​​​​​​
  6. Optntiscool890
    Optntiscool890 10 June 2021 22:41 Reply
    Yesssssss god told me to say master piece this is from the land of gold 

    blackwhiplash out did him or herself
  7. Mama man
    Mama man 11 June 2021 02:42 Reply
    Can this mother fucker stop
    1. TheGameyBoi
      TheGameyBoi 11 June 2021 20:53 Reply
      My goals are beyond your understanding 
  8. Nick4Speed
    Nick4Speed 11 June 2021 03:42 Reply
    Why can't you just go to hell you author and to all dumb toxic fetish doucebag who read this........

  9. DigitalArt56
    DigitalArt56 11 June 2021 05:51 Reply
    hehehehehe....i likes it
  10. Guest IZAYA
    Guest IZAYA 11 June 2021 17:24 Reply
    I feel like cutting my duck off
    1. The Spectacular Sorcerer Supreme
      I wanna cut my duck off too 
  11. pyro tf2 the angry hentai nerd
    pyro tf2 the angry hentai nerd 11 June 2021 18:23 Reply
    he hates all of mankind inflation he does not like I'd rather watch deku with unnaturally thick thighs have condoms hung off him he looks at the worst porn in the except for when he's actually tryin to get off this fuckin sucks just like how authors likes sucking nuts 3/10 fuck you fuck you actuall that's probably what you want what the fuck I watch this show barely like I stopped after episode 2 also no inclusion of sticky boi and icy hot or discount shocker without oven mitts wtf is this me jerking off is better than this and im one ugly fucker what the hell fuck this fuck whoever made this I hope you overdose whatever bath salts you were sniffing while doing this and asphyxiate on one of the many dildoes you have FUCK YOU
  12. real levi ackerman
    real levi ackerman 13 June 2021 10:00 Reply
    Half of this is gay and it suck screw all gays
  13. Richtofen
    Richtofen 13 June 2021 19:32 Reply
    look up trap deku then trap doku 😎
  14. Mem
    Mem 14 June 2021 10:34 Reply
    I cant unhear the deku voice from the malachichi vids
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